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What Are You Doing About The Biggest Threat To Your Business?

The biggest threat to your business or organization is NOT your strongest competitor, the economy, or increased regulation.

The biggest threat is that 7 out of every 10 people on your team (2 out of 3 employees in a small business) are not fully engaged in their work — meaning that those seven people are simply showing up and putting in their time, or possibly even actively working against your stated goals and objectives.

The symptoms of this problem may show up as projects that are late or over-budget, increased customer dissatisfaction, or growing conflict between team members — or a dozen other signs that you have an employee engagement problem.

Imagine a football team where seven out of the eleven players on the field simply stood in place during each play — or worse yet, deliberately executed the wrong play. How competitive would that team be and how many games do you think that team would win? It’s clearly the direct route to failure.

But that’s exactly what happens in millions of businesses and organizations throughout the world each and every day.  Is yours one of them?


As the chart above shows, this threat has been plaguing American workplaces for the last decade — costing an estimated $550 billion in annual economic activity each year (Gallup, 2013).  That’s more than the total annual sales revenue of Microsoft, Apple, Verizon, General Electric, and Comcast combined!

How much has this been costing your business or organization? Unless your organization is extremely fortunate, employee disengagement is costing your business tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, innovation, and profits each year — possibly millions.

What Can You Do To Counter This Threat?

The good news is that you can dramatically increase employee engagement and create a “culture of ownership” with your team members with a few simple steps. Gallup’s research shows that employees are SIX-TIMES as likely to be fully engaged in their work when an organization takes a strengths-based development approach!

Implementing this strategy can create a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage for your business or organization and is based on a PROVEN approach to getting bottom-line results.

Pierpoint Consulting specializes in helping small to mid-sized organizations implement these strategies, using a SIMPLE three-step approach that is easy to follow with a minimum investment of time and resources. We provide the framework, the guidance, and the tools to help you be successful — so you won’t have to waste any time or energy along the way.

What it would mean to you and your employees — as well as your bottom-line — if everyone on your team were playing to their full ability and executing the same plays?

CONTACT US TODAY to schedule a no-obligation assessment to see if or how we can help you get these results for your business. We look forward to helping you get the extraordinary results that a proven, strengths-based development program can provide.


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