Typical Results

Businesses and organizations that implement a Strengths-Based Development strategy — and reach the top quartile of employee engagement — typically experience the following results with their teams:

checkmark22% higher profitability

checkmark12% higher customer engagement

checkmark21% higher team productivity

checkmark37% lower employee absenteeism

checkmark38% lower employee turnover

…and individual employees are SIX-TIMES as likely to be fully engaged in their work when their supervisor focuses on helping them develop their strengths (Gallup, 2013).

Employee Engagement Outcomes

The following charts show that the level of actively-disengaged employees can be reduced to almost-zero when the right strategies are implemented (Gallup, 2013).


Other than merging your business or organization with another market leader, there is no other management or leadership strategy that will make as significant positive impact for your team as implementing a strengths-based development and improvement plan.

The typical results noted above have been achieved across different industry sectors and within a full range of small to large organizations.

Isn’t time you considered implementing a strengths-based strategy with your team?

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